"Enjoy Theatre-like Entertainment In The Comfort Of Your Home"

About Audio Video Systems

Ever since 6th grade I've been interested in audio. I purchased my first Reel to Reel player. It even had a microphone. I bet most of you reading this don't even know what a Reel to Reel is. I used to play music and record from it. I thought I had the coolest thing on earth.

Since then I played with car audio and home stereos. I really didn't get into integration until I purchased my first house. We gutted the whole house and wired it for audio, video, internet, and security. That was when I was going down to the local shop and asking them about in-wall controls, remotes, speakers, amps, etc. Much to my surprise, I knew more than they did, that's when the owner asked if I would like a job. I had my own business at the time. So I did some rearranging and work with them for about 2 years part-time, until they went out of business. I like wiring homes & business and installing all the components. About 6 months after they closed, a few home-owners called me that I did work for, to get upgrades and to purchase some more components. That's when I decided to get a business card made and start my venture.

Today, my company has wired more than 1000 homes for TV, Phone, Internet, Surround sound, and audio systems. Technology has changed a lot over the years. I've been keeping up with the changes by going to training events and joining organizations such as CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association), which certifies you for custom installations.

I've always been in business for myself and always put my customers first. I have a reputation that I'm proud of, and my clients will agree with me!

I hope I'll be meeting you and designing a system that's right for you in the near future!

Best Regards,

Senior Audio Visual Technician