"Enjoy Theatre-like Entertainment In The Comfort Of Your Home"


Audio Video Systems offers FREE consultations where we sit down with you, discuss your goals and needs, and design a system that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Dedicated Home Theater

AVS uses the latest and best components to develop a cinematic experience for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Whether it's just hanging a Flat Panel on your wall or installing in-wall and/or in-ceiling speakers to envelop you in surround sound. AVS can turn your spare room into a room the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

Multi-Room Audio

Imagine enjoying your favorite music everywhere in your home, without having to turn one room up so loud so you can hear it in the other rooms. AVS can design a simple-to-use system so you can listen to your music as loud or as soft as you wish in any room with high-quality HiFi sound.

Multi-Room Video

Tired of looking at cable/ satellite boxes at every TV? AVS can install all your boxes in a non-viewable area, such as a basement or closet and still give you complete control of managing your channels or controls.

Lighting Control

Lighting control has become more and more popular due to the rising cost of electricity. Now you can simply lower your cost by simply dimming your lights, turning them on and off at desired times, (such as coming home from work) which added security or be able to control lights when you're away from home. Imagine controlling all your home lights with a simple push of a button. Whether it is one or many rooms, we can design the lighting mood that is perfect for the occasion. AVS partners with the #1 brand name in lighting control, such as Lutron.


As with lighting control, enjoy cost savings and increased comfort from your heating and cooling systems through your remote or in-wall keypad. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to the perfect temperature? Now you can remotely control your home through your cell phone, to just that!


Many homes today share a network with multiple computers, files, printers, and games. AVS can help you with the necessary components to talk to each device. A well-designed system will help eliminate problems down the road.

Structure Wiring

Every home needs structure wiring to direct all low voltage connections to their proper place. Think of it as the traffic cop for all those networking distribution / video / audio signals. Structure wiring is the heart of the intelligent home. Without it, you are limiting your technology to a very basic level. AVS can design a system for your new construction project or retrofit your existing home to the function at a high level now and well into the future.

Central Vacuums

Central vacuums have been keeping today's hi-tech, energy efficient homes cleaner and healthier, Central Vacuum Systems provide both, plus quieter operation, more convenience, and added value. The result is a total whole-house cleaning experience. Central Vacuum Bagless systems remove 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens, preventing it from recirculating back into the air inside your home. Central vacuum systems we install, like Dirt Devil, have been proven to offer significant relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, and those with other breathing ailments.

Video Conferencing

Let AVS design a Video and Voice infrastructure for your office or home. If you work from home you can now communicate with your colleges using our video conferencing systems without leaving your house in full High Definition and crystal clear voice audio. You can have the same set up in your office as well. Completely foolproof and safe.

Digital Signage

Digital signage has become the way to advertise. AVS has the solution for you, whether it's a signal display or a video wall with eight or more displays, AVS can get the job done.


Having an event? No problem. AVS has the rental gear for you. Flat Panels, Projectors, 77" 4X3 Screen, 166" 16X9 Screen, Audio gear as well.